Renewal Instructions

Please note: If you do not log out of the Member Resources area after you access your member profile, you will still be logged in when you return.  This is not a security risk to your information if you are on your personal computer or phone.
However, simply closing the browser will not log you out! So if you are on a public computer, please be sure to log out.

To renew by mail, please click here to print out the membership form.

To renew online (and pay by check or credit card), click here to access the change/renewal page in your member profile.

Step by step instructions for renewing or changing your membership level are shown below.

For more detailed instructions, download the pdf here: Membership Renewal Instructions

1 – If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to enter your email and password, then click on login.
2 – In the upper right corner click on ‘view profile’ next to your name. 

If you want to change your membership level or method of payment
3 – Click on “Change”.
4 – You will see options to change your membership level or to change your payment type (i.e from check to online). Select one and click “Next”.
5 – Review your new level,make any changes to your profile, then click “Update and Next”.
6 – Confirm your information and click “Confirm”.
7 – When you select to pay by check, you will see view/pay invoice. Your membership is pending until we receive your check. Click on “view/pay invoice”.
8 – This is your invoice.
9 – You will receive 2 emails. Be sure to mail in yor payment

If you do not want to change your membership level or method of payment:
3 – If you are just renewing, click on the gray “Renew to…” to make your payment using the same method you used last year (i.e check or online).
4 – Make any changes to your profile and click on “update and next”.
5 – When you select to pay by credit card, you will be asked to enter your credit information. Review the payment information and then click on “Pay Online”.
6 – Once your credit card transaction is complete, you will see a “Thank you for your order”.
7 – You will then see a screen that shows “Payment Successful.”
8 – You’re done. You will also receive a confirmation email!