Announcements – September Luncheon

Announcements - September Luncheon

Get Ready for Interest Group Sign Ups at our September Luncheon!

As you can imagine, with over 50 interest group tables and hundreds of women attending the September luncheon things can get a bit busy and loud!

Here’s what you need to do to get ready for WAHHI FUN!

  1. Read the Interest Group descriptions on the website in *advance* of the luncheon day. Think about what groups will be FUN, learning, sharing, rewarding – or whatever you are looking for!
  2. Check your calendar! Make note of the day/dates that the groups meet to ensure that you are not overbooking your schedule! 
  3. Bring to the luncheon:
    1. Cash – Small bills needed ($1, $5, $10’s). Some groups charge a small administrative fee which you can pay in cash. 
    2. Check or credit card – Some groups charge larger amounts for participation, classes, tours, etc. which can paid for by check or, in some cases, credit card. 
    3. Return address mailing labels – If you have return address labels made with your name, address – bring these with you! You may put the sticker on the sign up sheet – and then only will need to write in your email address and phone number!
    4. A ballpoint PEN to write with! 
    5. Something to put papers in – you may receive handouts from the different interest groups you visit; and other WAHHI information will be available too. Having your purse or a bag available allows you to shake hands and hugs your new and old friends! 
  4. At the luncheon: 
    1. Look for the interest group table diagram displaying where the different groups are located. 
    2. Pick up a WAHHI interest group brochure. 
    3. Have FUN! 
  5. If you would like a re-usable magnetic WAHHI name tag to wear when you attend Interest Group or other meetings, please bring a check for $8 payable to the Women’s Association of Hilton Head. Stop by the WAHHI Charitable Fund Table to place your order.