The Women’s Association of Hilton Head Island (WAHHI) is about strengthening and supporting our Lowcountry women’s community. From engaging programs to participating in educational activites, stimulating small group activities to providing volunteerism opportunities, WAHHI offers Lowcountry women a home for fun and friendship.

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A Farewell Message from President Tracy Harris





“I have found that among its other benefits,
giving liberates the soul of the giver.”

Maya Angelou

As I make my exit as the president of WAHHI, this quote from Maya Angelou could not ring more true for me. This past year on the board has been nothing short of fulfilling. The nexus between governing an association and directly affecting change in the community was not crystal clear. I went in with the intention to not only “make a difference” but to become a better community member by giving in any and every way I could, all the while further advancing the mission of this wonderful association.
From the beginning of my tenure, I have been blessed by working with these incredible teams – our committed board & council members, other WAHHI volunteer leaders, and community partners. We all come from varying walks of life, which contributes to the uniqueness of how we view the world and how and why we choose to make an impact. I firmly believe that deep down, we all want to make the world a little better than the condition it was in when we entered it. This has been my motivation this past year.
I am so proud of what was accomplished this year – Our first ever events: Lobster Fest, Chef Series, and Virtual Visiting Author Series. And through your generosity in giving these last few years, we were able to give a sizable donation to Family Promise of Beaufort County, Sandalwood Community Pantry and our first responders.
As we move forward as an association, my hope is that we do more, be more, and serve more. From the beginning, I took on the mantra of “It’s a New Day.” Little did I realize, it truly is a NEW DAY!

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WAHHI prides itself on hosting the best women’s events in the Lowcountry. These gatherings allow our members to come together regularly – encouraging friendship, fellowship, and as always, fun.

The Women’s Association of Hilton Head Island has played a vital role in the community we call home since 1961. The goals of the organization are to promote natural and cultural beauty of the Island, to encourage projects which benefit the community, and to facilitate communication among the women of the Lowcountry. Today, WAHHI is over 780 members strong.