Women’s Interests


Leader- Tamra Avrit, 571-344-1624

Click here to sign up online for Fun Raising Funds.

Come join this inaugural interest group which is focusing on the sources and methods WAHHI uses to raise funds to support the youth awards and our WAHHI Charitable Foundation grants. Currently, there are more needs identified in the community than WAHHI has as fund capacity. We seek any woman interested in and experienced with fund development; and anyone who has an interest and passion in helping serve as outreach coordinators for various fundraising events throughout the year. Come join us around the kitchen table the last Wednesday of the month!

Newcomers & Neighbors:

Leaders – Kathy Guiteras, 847-867-0971, Helper: Karen Rudy, 419-509-5733, Open for new members.

A WAHHI group whose mission is to welcome and foster a sense of community with new residents to our island and the surrounding area. Helping introduce them to establishments, activities, little known area treasures and fellow citizens alike. The group will meet the last Wednesday of each month at 6 pm – 8 pm for a girls-night-in (or out) to assist each other through the navigation of moving to a new area – or just get together to build new friendships. You DO NOT have to be a new resident to join – seasoned residents are also invited to join to share their knowledge and welcoming spirit!

Women’s Finance:

Co-Leaders – Elizabeth Loda MBS, CFP, 843-681-7526 and Gigi Harris Maxfield, 843-597-5774, Open for new members.

The Women’s Financial Interest Group offers an opportunity for women to visit with us (Elizabeth Loda, CFP and Gigi Maxfield, Financial Advisor), to discuss and review their financial portfolios, inquire about the future of their personal finances, or simply ask the questions you don’t necessarily want to ask in a group. We offer a complimentary, personal financial session in an inviting environment where discussing finances is relevant to your well-being. All sessions are confidential, and your information will never be provided to a third-party.

There is no fee.

* These groups require a fee & may have additional fees for extra field trips, meals, etc.

~New this year.