Women’s Interests

Enhance You!*:

Leader – Glenda Ball, 423-943-1737

Empower yourself to feel and look your best.
Make-Up Tips, Hair and Clothing Style.

Newcomers & Neighbors:

Leader – Nancy Downing-Schloss, 508-951-4596

A WAHHI group whose mission is to welcome and foster a sense of community with new residents to our island and the surrounding area. Helping introduce them to establishments, activities, little know area treasures and fellow citizens alike. The group will meet once per month for a girls-night-in (or out) to assist each other through the navigation of moving to a new area – or just get together to build new friendships. You DO NOT have to be a new resident to join – seasoned residents are also invited to join to share their knowledge and welcoming spirit!

Women’s Finance~:

Co-Leaders – Elizabeth Loda MBS, CFP, 843-681-7526 and Gigi Harris Maxfield, 843-597-5774

Elizabeth and Gigi will provide 2 Workshops:

Organizing your finances
Helpful hints for a winning portfolio.

There is no fee


* These groups require a fee & may have additional fees for extra field trips, meals, etc.

~New this year.