Tours – Historic, Cultural or Nature

French Culture*~:

Leader – Franceline Davies, 843-837-1213,

New name-French Culture. This group will explore French conversation and culture, which may include French language lessons, cooking demonstrations, and discussion. The group is limited to 12-16 and will meet in various homes. There is no fee to join, but certain activities may require a cost.

Gallery Gals*:

Co-Leaders – Linda Schilder, 571-225-3782 and Ann Collier, 937-360-3622

This group will visit museums in the Hilton Head, Savannah and Charleston areas. We will meet at an agreed upon location and drive to the museums. We will expect/hope that members are willing to drive others. The museum visits might also include lunch (depending upon the number of members interested).

Historic & Unique Tours*:

Leader – Scottie Davis, 843-681-1900

This group concentrates on travel two to five hours from Hilton Head – wonderful places you may not know about or visit on your own. Among past day trips, the group has toured Mepkin Abbey, Sapelo Island, The Citadel and many other sites in and around Charleston.


* These groups require a fee & may have additional fees for extra field trips, meals, etc.
~ New this Year