Becoming the Very Best YOU~:

Leader – Shannon Kaprive, 615-289-6911 or

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A retired Human Resource executive and having just written her first book, “Something So Real”, Shannon Kaprive is leading a three-session workshop and discussion….Becoming Your Very Best!.
Tentative dates will be as follows as she leads you to a happier life while living each day to the fullest.  Each session cost – $15.
Wednesday, October 17  Know Thyself!
Wednesday, November 14  My Life’s Mission!
Wednesday, December 5 Becoming!  Taking Action with Intention During the Seasons of our Lives!
If interested , one-on-one training or group training may be available for 9 months to birth the new you!!

CPR & First Aid:

Leader – Kathy Schutt, 585-615-9035 or; Open for new members.

The HHI Fire Dept will provide 3 one hour “Friends & Family” (will not include certification) classes at no cost to members this fall.

First Class: October 10, 11am to 12 pm. Limit 18 members.

Second Class: October 29, 1pm to 2pm. Limit 18 members.

  Sign up is required.


Gracefully Navigating the Aging Process~:

Click here to sign up online for Gracefully Navigating the Aging Process

This interest group if proposed for those who want to be proactive in planning for the aging process, whether it be for a loved one or one’s self.

Harvard studies in 2017 showed that one in five Americans – nearly 80 million people- will be older than 65 within the next 20 years, and they will want to live in their home as soon as possible.

Who will pay for this? Medicare, the VA, Private insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, etc.

In order to make sound decisions, we all need to be educated and have a plan. As an example, preparing ahead of time when no one in the household has limited mobility, can lower the financial and emotional cost of these changes. To be proactive, during a bathroom remodel, adding a walk -in shower can eliminate the need for one later, when time is of the essence. Planning ahead can reduce stress later.

This group will share personal experiences, lessons learned, and success stories of gracefully aging in place. Our goal is to bring in experts in the areas that we are most interested in learning from. We will explore many different facets including: how to stay healthy in mind, spirit and body, how to take care of our skin, reducing isolation when you lose a spouse or partner, and together we will be prepared to age gracefully.


Mindful Eating & Health*:

Leader – Erin  Risius, MA, LPC, 843-785-3286 or; Open for new members.

About Erin:
Erin is the Wellness Counselor at the exclusive, world-renowned Hilton Head Health retreat located in Shipyard. She is an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor and health psychology coach who specializes in helping people to better manage disordered eating patterns and to prioritize self-care at home.

Breaking the Cycle of Nighttime Overeating

Nighttime overeating is a common eating pattern that can have habitual, emotional and/or nutritional causes. If you’ve ever said to yourself “THIS will be the last time I overeat at night” only to repeat the behavior the next night, and then the next…this interactive class can help. We will explore what may be contributing to this common eating pattern and then provide proven strategies for empowering you to break the nighttime overeating cycle once and for all.

WHEN:    Tuesday, October 9th

TIME: 5:00 – 6:30pm

WHERE:   Hilton Head Health located in Shipyard

FEE: $15.00

* These groups require a fee & may have additional fees for extra field trips, meals, etc.
~ These are new groups this year