These groups are OPEN to new members!

New! Daytime Food Group Forming Now!~ 

An organizational meeting is held in the Fall for WAHHI members who sign up either at the luncheon meeting or online showing interest in joining a new Daytime Food Group. At that time, the group will be led to decide time, place and format for the group. Members will choose their spokesperson and name of their group.

Please contact Kathy Reynolds at 678-643-6261, or

International Cooking and Dining Group*

Leader – Charlotte Willis, 843-681-4515 or

The purpose of this group is to explore, savor and learn to prepare foods from diverse countries and ethnic groups around the world (examples may include Greek, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Italian, Irish, Mexican, etc.). Members of the group are asked to volunteer on a rotating basis to take on one of the following 3 tasks: a) host a cooking demonstration/lunch, b) assist in the preparation and demonstration of lunch or c) arrange for lunch or dinner in an ethnic restaurant. Our goal is to host 5 to 6 events per year. Group is open for new members.

  • Location: Various local locations
  • Day: First Thursday Monthly
  • Fee: Varies

Out to Lunch Bunch*

Leaders – Cindy Gambon, 404-435-8513,; or Linda Dreisbach, 484-894-8974,

This is an interest group that has been around for over 27 years. Lunches are held at various local restaurants and private clubs in October, January, March and May for excellent food, service, and atmosphere that creates a lovely way to spend the afternoon. If you like to try new places to eat and enjoy making new friends, join us. Currently, there is no maximum limit on membership.

Our First Luncheon will be Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 at Michael Anthony’s! Please save the date – more information will be coming shortly!

Couples Gourmet Club*

Leader – Karen Rudy, 843-715-3949,

This group consists of 40 member couples and at least 10 substitute couples. A menu committee chooses a theme each year and creates four elegant menus complete with suggested wines. Detailed recipes are distributed to all members. Couples are randomly assigned to attend dinner parties (four couples at each home) four times during the year (October/November, January, March andApril). Each regular member will serve once as a host and will be a guest three times. Host couples arrange their own dinner party date with guests. The host is responsible for the designated main course and wines, while the guest couples prepare and bring the assigned appetizers, soup or salad, sides, and dessert. At the conclusion of each dinner party, the total cost of the entire meal and wine is divided equally among all four couples.

In addition to the four hosted dinner parties each year, there are three annual events open to all Couples Gourmet members: a “Welcome” cocktail party in October, a formal Valentine dinner event held in February, and a wrap-up Men’s BBQ in May. If you enjoy cooking, entertaining, meeting new people, and the conviviality of good old-fashioned dinner parties, Couples Gourmet is for you. And it’s the ONLY WAHHI group that invites men to participate!

  • Location: Member homes
  • Day: Scheduled four times during the year (October/November, January, March and April).
  • Fee: $25 annually and cost of meals

New! The Wine Tasting Club

Leader: Darah Latourelle, 843-836-3345,

The Wine Tasting Club will meet monthly from 4 to 6pm, October – May on a day to be determined. The Club activities will include the following:

  • Members alternating between providing a $20 bottle and bringing an appetizer to share, meeting in homes;
  • Restaurant wine dinners; and
  • Club or wine store tastings by professional sommeliers.

There will be additional charges for outside events and possibly limits on attendance.

Demonstration Cooking Classes with Susan Vogel*

Leader – Judy Vogel, 843-837-7882, or

Click here to sign up online for Susan’s Cooking Class.

The 2020 demonstration cooking classes are focused on How to Host a Party. 

January is Entertaining 101 – Appetizers and Small Bites for Bridge Group – Book Club – Cocktail Party.

February is Entertaining 201 – Buffets for Holiday Brunch – Rehearsal Dinner – Desserts.

March is Entertaining 301 – Dinner Parties for Casual – Theme – Elegant.

Demonstrations are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 4 PM in January, February and March.  There is a limit of 16 ladies per class session, or 64 participants per month.

New! Cookbook Club~

Leader – Anne Gates, 415-225-1307,

New! Our goal is adventurous cooking. This is a chance to try new recipes, ingredients, cuisines, and techniques in a casual, fun potluck setting. Members meet once a month (probably 9-10 times per year) in a member’s home. Anyone can nominate a cookbook, and members vote on the next month’s book, and choose their recipe to prepare.  Cookbooks can be purchased, shared, or borrowed at the library.  No need for a big dining table and crystal goblets for a crowd – paper plates, plastic utensils and some seats in the kitchen are just fine! The focus is on the food and camaraderie.  Limited to 12 members.

Happy Cookers I, III*

Happy Cookers I Leader – Bobbie Carey 404-326-1555 or Limited to 18, Group meets in member’s homes the 2nd Thursday of each month at 12 pm. Currently, has openings.

Happy Cookers III Leader – Romaine O’Ferrall 843-290-8274 or; Limited to 21 – Group meets the3rd Wednesday of each month. Open for two more.

These food groups are closed!

Cooking Crew I and II*:

Cooking Crew I Co-Leader – Nancy Hudak, 843-363-2786,  Limited to 21; Meets in members homes the 1st Wed of the month at 12 pm. Group is full.

Cooking Crew II Co-Leader – Charlotte Willis, 843-681-4515 or

Provides its members an opportunity to share favorite recipes, hostess tips, and fellowship. This group meets monthly in members’ homes from October to May. Each member hosts once every 3 years and “crews” once a year. December Luncheon may be a cocktail party or brunch with spouses and/or special guests. There is a minimum cost to cover food. Each group is limited to 21 members.

Happy Cookers II, IV*:

Happy Cookers II Leader – Jan Jones, 843-715-2203 or; and Susan Stauffer, 843-689-3365 or

Meet in member homes on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 12pm. Limited to 15 and currently closed.

Happy Cookers IV Leader – Sandee Brooks, 843-290-3054 or

Each month three members of each group plan and prepare a themed lunch for the other 18 members of their group. Lunches are held in member homes from October to May. Group is limited to 21 members. See Cooking Crew descriptions for more information.

* These groups require a fee & may have additional fees for extra field trips, meals, etc.

~ New this Year